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About Us


Warehouse Mowers has built its reputation on giving you the right advise and matching you with the right equipment to do the job. We see the equipment as an extention of you .

Getting this right means you, the operator spend less time on the job and less effort. The industry has been inundated with low quality product that offers little value and ultimately lets you down. This costs the purchaser more time, money and effort. With the right advice you can avoid this happening. Over 20 years experience allows us to see the benefits of buying quality Lawn and Garden equipment. Equipment that is reliable and lasts. Warehouse Mowers origins date back to 1995, as a contractor business. We recognised that Professional support for lawn and garden equipment was minimal or non existent. You where being advised by someone that had only read the brochure and actually never used or serviced the product. This is where we are different. We have continued to grow through tough times of drought and ecomomic instability focused on our "5 Points of Principle".

Quality equipment is easier to use. This allows the operator to complete the job quicker with less effort. For the Professional that mean more profit and $ in your pocket!

Match the right machine to the operator. Critical in allowing full use of the equipments features.

Allow for a varience of usage. This is where quality gives value for money. We have a saying in lawns & gardens : Cheap stuff is no match for the tough stuff. And a lot of jobs in the lawn or garden are in the tough category.

Price must match the operators requirements. This way you truely get value for money.

Any person that purchases from Warehouse Mowers becomes a client, not a customer. 100% support is given by qualified Warehouse Mowers personnel for the life of the equipment. Our principals are applied throughout all areas of our business including Sales, Service, Repairs, Parts & Accessories. Our advise is free and unbiased. Our 100% guarantee is genuine.