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Theft of equipment continues. This time in Berwick.

Posted by Phil. on

Another reported case of theft of equipment. This time it was in the Berwick area. A clients vehicle was broken into during the night and various pieces of equipment stolen. Interestingly there where other trade tools that would have been easier to take, but most of what was stolen was Lawn and Garden Power Equipment.

Be on the lookout and secure your equipment properly. With Spring under way this is the high season for this type of incident to happen. We will continue to update and post incidents like this. As most Lawn and Garden business's are small business this happening coarse a lot of grief and lost income that they could do without. If you hear of theft in an area email us so we can post it.

Rise in Equipment Theft - Secure your Equipment.

Equipment theft has increased with police stating there is a syndicate targeting Trades people. We have 2 clients in the past few days contact us for quotes, as they have had equipment stolen and we have heard of other cases.This ranges from a single machine theft to vehicle and machinery. Yes, they have taken the [...]

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Most common machine problem at the moment.

I thought I would share with you the most common machine problem at the moment. It is " lacking power". This is a major problem as it drastically slows you down therefore takes you longer and uses more energy.The main course is a dirty airfilter. During a dry dusty period it doesn't take long for [...]

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Machine Performance in Summer.

Yes, it's summer and in the hot days ahead there is a simple way to help your machine work at peak performance. This relates to 4 strokes and 2 stroke engines.we are seeing an increase in equipment performing poorly. Especially in hot weather. Heat is a main coarse of  damage for petrol powered machinery. For [...]

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Keep your equipment secure.

I have been talking to two contractors that have just had equipment stolen recently. One from Carnegie Vic 3163 and the other from Caulfield Vic 3162. These areas are close together and from information given could be target areas at the moment.If anyone else has experienced theft of equipment let us know and we will [...]

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Video work in progress

Quick blog to let you know we are still working on the video's for some products. So if you click on the video tab and there is no video then the video has not been posted. You may find it on our Warehouse Mowers Youtube Channel.There is a lot of products to video and we [...]

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Our first blog post!

Finally we are live!! After months and many hours to get to launch stage, we made it. Thanks to Damien and the team at Above & Beyond for their effort. Looking forward to working with the website and to continue developing it further. Will be interested in feedback from clients, customers and people using the website in [...]

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