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Machine Performance in Summer.

Posted by Phil. on

Yes, it's summer and in the hot days ahead there is a simple way to help your machine work at peak performance. This relates to 4 strokes and 2 stroke engines.

we are seeing an increase in equipment performing poorly. Especially in hot weather. Heat is a main coarse of  damage for petrol powered machinery. For 2 strokes the answer is to use a quality 2 stroke oil. 

Look for an oil that states on the label "suits brushcutters, trimmers and chainsaws. Do not use what I call a crossover / multi purpose oil. These oils are blended for general use and usually cost less. How do you know if you have an oil blended for multiple engine types. It will state on the label "outdoor  power equipment, Motor bikes and Marine engines.

Oil lubes the engine and helps cool it. Cheap poor quality oils do not do this as well as quality oils. Quality oils can continue to lube and cool your machines engine in high temperature conditions. Poor oils in these conditions can lead to advanced engine wear or even engine seizer.

So give your machine the chance to work at peak performance and last you longer. Use a quality Outdoor Power Equipment specific oil.

After all it costs less than replacing your machine.

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