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Common Questions Asked

 1. How can I tell I am buying quality power equipment?

Firstly go by fuel/oil mix ratio for 2 stroke power equipment. see our easy to read quality chart below.

25:1 fuel/oil mix- Least quality low hour engine life. Can be as little as 12 hours of use. Warranty is very limited.

30:1 fuel/oil mix- Just above the lowest quality for hours of use. Again limited warranty.

40:1 fuel/oil mix- Better quality generally engineered for more hours. Will handle some hard work. Generally 2 years+ warranty.

50:1 fuel/oil mix- Quality machinery that is engineered for over 200 hours of use. Can handle heavy use and work load. Generally up to 5 year warranty given.

 When buying a 4 stroke machine look for Main market Brand Names with authorised Dealerships. All good brands back their product with a 2 to 5 year warranty. Total Internet sellers that are not authorised Dealers, (thats 99% of them) are not offering a manufacturers warranty. They are offering only their own sellers warranty which is not backed by the Manufacturer and therefore questionable.

 Google the Brand Name. Big or small all major brands have a website. If you can't find a manufacture's website, then don't buy it!


 2. I want independent advice. Is Warehouse Mowers connected to any Major Brand?

 One of the best things about Warehouse Mowers is it's totally independent of any brand. Warehouse Mowers does not promote a "sell one brand policy". This way we can genuinely give you unbiased advice regarding your equipment needs.

We acknowledge also that our qualtity suppliers support this policy also.

You can talk to us with confinence, that the information given to you is 100% for the benefit of you. That's a Warehouse Mowers guarantee.


3. Do you only sell Lawn & garden Power Equipment?

We specialise in Lawn and Garden Power Equipment so we don't need to sell other products. If you sell other unrelated products, for example wood heaters or BBQ's, you can't call yourself a specialist in Lawn and Garden Power Equipment as well

 It is a fact that the best advice, the best products and the best value for money come from businesses that specialise in their industry. That's because it's the only products they deal in. It's the only thing they have to sell.


4. Should I purchase a straight shaft or bent shaft Grass Trimmer?

The best thing to remember is to buy a grass trimmer or brushcutter that is made with a solid, splined shaft.

 All bent shaft trimmers have to have a flexi shaft to work. But some straight shaft trimmers have them also. It is cheaper to manufacture, is engineered for less reliable hours of use, so it will not last as long.

 Also look for a splined shaft. Certain brands have square ends on the shaft that's mate with the gear head or clutch. Again this is cheaper manufacturing. Whilst they are better than flexi shaft equipment, square shaft ends are prone to wear movement and eventual failure.

 So if you are suited to a bent shaft trimmer buy a quality brand as they will have a better quality flexi shaft. If you are suited to a straight shaft trimmer look for a solid, splined shaft machine. You'll get a lot more use and wear for your money.


5. Should I look for more power when buying equipment?

Not necessarily. A lot of low quality equiment sellers use this to say- 'you are getting more for your money'. But this is not the case. (Online direct sellers use this to try and say they are selling better quality than they really are). You should look for the torque, output or kW (kilowatts). This is the power rating for the power the engine produces. The better the quality the better the kilowatts output.

 The benefit here is that the better quality machine will be lighter, have more power, be easier to use, make the job faster and will not wear out as quickly as the lesser quality machine. This goes for all lawn and garden power equipment.


6. When buying a chainsaw should I look at engine size or chain bar length?

The power of a chainsaw should relate to the job you want it to do. The thing to remember here, is a shorter chainbar length will give you more torque at the chainbar tip. This will allow the chainsaw to cut through the timber easier and more efficantly.

                                                      Generally the following can be applied:

                                       Chainsaws up to 28cc use a maximum chainbar length of 14"

                                       Chainsaws up to 35cc use a maximum chainbar length of 16"

                                       Chainsaws up to 57cc use a maximum chainbar length of 18"    

                                       Chainsaws up to 73cc use a maximum chainbar length of 20"

Finally, you should always refer and follow the manufacturers operations manual specifications when using any power equipment.


7. Are spare parts available should I need them?

Yes, we carry an extensive range of common spare parts for our entire range. From airfilters and engines to blades and belts we have the parts in stock to assist you quickly and efficently. If you require a non common part or item we can order and have it to you generally in 48 hours.


8. Can I contact you, do you have a showroom? 

We promote contacting us if you have a querie or are unsure about what to buy. It can be other matters on Lawn and Garden power equipment also. Many of our customers / clients have sort advise from us after buying from us. It is part of our service to you.

When you buy from Warehouse Mowers you not only buy a quality product, you have a point of contact for that product. So you buy quality equipment and expert advise for the life of the product.


9. Are you a Clearance or Ebay seller?

No, we are not. In short, quality, reliable equipment can only be sold through quality Dealers. To offer the support, knowledge and after sales support that goes with buying quality Lawn and Garden Equipment, the "total on-line type business" cannot actively do this.

The business's are very different in structure. The people running them have no formal training or industry experience and as with the lower quality of their products and services is much lower also. They are structured to sell products only, with very little if any after sales support. 

A lot of products are promoted as quality, even look quality, but use them and it's a different story. That's were we are different. We only sell products that we know will exceed your expectation. 


10. Is my purchase insured during delivery?

Yes, for all equipment shipped by our freight company, insurance is included. For Melbourne deliveries we use common couriers which do not have an insurance option. We promote purchase pick ups any time during our hours of trading, even for On-Line buyers.


11. Does Warehouse Mowers back what it sells?

We guarantee our back up and support to you. After you buy from Warehouse Mowers we will continue to assist you if or when you contact us. And you will be assisted personally by curtious qualifed staff that will see that your query or matter is dealt with satisfactorily.


12. Will I be satcsfied with my purchase.

At Warehouse Mowers we believe that to be the best in the business you have to be more than satisified with your purchase. We want you to "Get the job Done" quicker and with less effort than you thought possible. That way you've chosen the best place to buy, recieved the best advise and service, bought the best product, giving you the best value for money.